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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Panettone- once the Italian secret..revealed..

Christmas time is here and if you are spending Christmas in Italy that means the sight of Panettone in every shape size and flavor decorating the supermarkets, the open air markets , the windows of many coffee bars. There are even Panettone bread that are carved out and used as nativity scenes with figures of the nativity scene strategically placed inside. The original Panettone bread is time consuming and takes a bit of practice to make. However ,for those of you short on time that love to bake, you can try this simple version of Panettone. it is just as delicious and healthy too. All great ingredients, but panettone is high in calories, so a small slice will do, thank you.
There is nothing better than starting a cold winter morning with a slice of toasted panettone bread and some jam
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Hope this makes your holidays a bit more delicious!!Ciao for now!!Maria

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