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Friday, April 25, 2008

The Baroque Era (Part I)

The word baroque is both a noun and an adjective. It is a term used in the literature of the arts with a unique meaning.

The word has a long and interesting history. It might have originated with the Portuguese word for misshapen pearl.

But, in English, it has retained three principal meanings. The first and primary meaning labels the style of European art that occurred between Mannerism and Rococo.

The second meaning refers to the general label for this period when this style was in great fashion, mainly in the 17th century and in some areas of the globe large parts of the 18th centruy. It is referred as the age of Baroque, Baroque politics, etc.

The meaning that is used very little refers to 'baroque' with a small "b" and refers to any time in history when art displays change and use of the intellect.

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