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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Tag Your Tunes

What sets the mood best for your everyday activities..going to the gym., taking a walk, cooking ,relaxing..Music.. How do you quickly locate that song you heard yesterday but can't remember the name??You know the song you loved and thought it would be perfect for your walk on the treadmill. Well now you can quickly find that music for your ipod.
HD Radio..smooth digital radio now includes a feature on their receivers called i-tunes tagging

And now with 'i-tunes tagging' it's as easy as one two three or apple pie to locate the music you want for your ipod

As soon as you hear the song or a few seconds into it..tag the song and it's there, remembered for anytime..

Of course if you're listening to music while exercising or relaxing, the music must be hissing, no scratching and of course no interruptions. Have you ever tried HD Radio??

Sure you've heard of HD TV but HD radio is the High Definition version of that is smooth as silk, no station drop hissing, music that sounds as seamless as listening to a CD. First step is to get an Jensen JiMS 525i">HD Radio receiver
And if you're an AM classics listener your AM classics have never sounded so fine.

Find out how to get your HD Radio.

Plan out your music selections for the day or get together while listening to the radio. HD receivers have a built in feature called i-tunes tagging. Every time you hear a song you like on your local FM HD radio just push the 'tag button on your HD radio and the info will be saved from your HD receiver your ipod.

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