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Sunday, July 12, 2009

3 Cups of Tea

Book Review by Eliza Chute:
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Greg Mortenson believes in changing the world and creating peace through education. His book Three Cups of Tea is about an actual life changing experience he had which inspired him to start the Central Asia Institute, and organization that builds schools in the middle east. The story starts with him climbing K2, but he gets lost and winds up in a small village in Pakistan starving and Exhausted. The villagers took him in and fed him, where he learns the significance of the three cups of tea. It was then that he made a promise that would change his life forever. He promised to return to the village and build them a school. When he returns to the States he starts raising money for his school, teaching climbing lessons while living out of his car. When he finally returns to Pakistan to build the village he is met with a surprise. The village head has decided instead of a school they first need a bridge, so that they do not have to walk miles around to be able to trade goods and such. Mortenson agrees and they build that bridge. As the story progresses, he comes to learn the value of education in creating peace in how that if children are learning to think for themselves, they are not being taught that killing is necessary. He goes on to tell the story of the hardships in raising money for the CAI, and in actually building schools and getting the materials. He also faces protests from fellow Americans especially after September 11th, receiving hate mail and even death threats for his work in the middle east. I really reveals the ignorance of blind hatred after a tragedy.
The book itself is heartwarming and inspiring, and gives a highly involved American’s view on issues in the middle eat, and promotes a way of using education to disarm hatred, a definite must read.

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