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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

When A Spoonful of Comfort will Help...

Memories of hot soup and snowy days bring me back to my childhod..that hot soup my mom would always make with little pastene pasta in it...we called ours 'minestre' (which in Italian is usually a soup made with pasta) so soothing to comfort a cold or the flu or any other ailment I had..yes I guess chicken soup is a 'cure' for almost anything!
And it''s nice to know that for those of you that (even though many of my readers are foodies, and make their own great versions of chicken soup) would like to send a boiling hot pot of the elixir to someone that is dear to you but far away but can' can take care of that..They will send a pot of the stuff homemade with homemade oatmeal cookies and bread to whoever you select..and it is homemade so even though they are far from home the y will feel like you just made this..great stuff! check them out spoonfulof  there is also a beautiful story connected with the company and my favorite thing is that they say the soup is 'made with love'...and that is the best ingredient you can put in any recipe..
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