Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Guest Blogger: Anne Berenson
Do you love cooking, but never have a good spot to place the utensils you are using while cooking? Do you find yourself looking for the spoon in the pot because you left it there, only for it to slide down to the bottom? Then look no more for where to place your utensils because the Snug is the perfect kitchen gadget for you. So when I was given the opportunity to try out this unique kitchen tool, I just had to see for myself how the Snug would make cooking easier and do away with a messy stove top. The Snug was created by ThinkHat. It comes in two sizes and a variety of colors. It easily fits many kitchen utensils. This innovative kitchen gadget is heat resistant up to 570°F and is made from FDA approved food grade silcone material. It is very easy to use, just slide over the handle of your utensil and place it on the side of the pot where it fits all nice and snug. It provides the perfect place to rest your utensil when not being used. So your food will drip back into your pot and no more messy stove tops to clean! You will also be able to say goodbye to hot metal utensils, scorched wooden spoons, and melted plastic utensils.
Are you tired of all those times when you put your serving dish on the table for your meal, put the serving spoon in the dish and it slides right into your food? I know I am. Well, the Snug prevents your serving spoon from falling into your dish. The Snug solves these and other utensil problems while cooking and serving. I found it to be a very useful kitchen gadget. So if you want to save yourself from these and other cooking and serving problems, then the Snug is the kitchen tool for you. You can find the Snug here at the Thinkhat Online Shop and more about the Snug here: Hope you like using your Snug, too.

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