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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

All In A Days Travel

"I need a vacation!" These four words are often used to sum up a bad day or a string of stressful events life tends to throw our way. No matter what the reason, a vacation is desperately needed for most of us. It is our escape from the mundane routine of everyday life. I often wondered about people who don't experience a typical nine to five, those who travel on a regular basis. Wouldn't their cause for a vacation be much less needed?

I always envied people who traveled on a regular basis. Growing up in a small town(picture this: not one traffic light in my entire school district..ya catch my drift?), I always anxiously welcomed a chance to see something new. My family didn't travel very often, but for a wide eyed adventurous girl like myself, I always managed to find a way to create my very own "vacations." From climbing through the mountains or fishing in the lake, my imagination had a way of making these experiences as good as international travel! Now granted, I still longed for more. Who wouldn't, right? But it was just what I needed to conceive and create excitement within my small town world.

As time went on and I grew older, I began to venture out and experience new places. My first trip to NYC was absolutely an unforgettable experience. The hustle and bustle of traffic, the smell of the subway & street vendors, and the larger then life buildings were all I thought they would be. It was then, in the sixth grade, that I realized this was the life I wanted to live. Now granted at this age I had NO concept of living expenses, so I naively proclaimed that I would move to the city after I completed college. I look back now and realize that this was only the beginning of what would spark a "travel bug" deep in my soul.

Though I am now all of twenty-four years and about 130 miles outside of NYC, I still find myself slipping into my self created world of new destinations. Hey, if it helps ease the growing pains, what does it hurt?

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Kelleyskitchen said...

wow, cool! I haven't been to New York in 20 years, I miss the city!