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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Welcome and join us!!

Although many of you are already readers of Maria Liberati's The Basic Art of Italian Cooking (tm) blog and newsletter-I know you will enjoy this new blog we have created. We have invited some of the most talented bloggers/writers to blog here on so many interesting topics!
Of course I am never short of things to say, so I will be contributing also.
Maria & Co. will be about more than food and recipes-we have authors contributing on travel, health, fitness, style, life in general and more.

As Federico Fellini said: "Life is a combination of magic and pasta!!"
So if you want to hear about the pasta in life you can read about that in Maria Liberati's The Basic Art of Italian Cooking(tm) and for all the other things visit us here!!

After all, life is about so many things and our blog will reflect so my topics that readers of our other blog have expressed an interest in.
If you have any ideas for a new topic please let us know or you can email us directly
Hope you enjoy and also come to visit me at: and hope you have gotten a chance to catch up with my latest bestselling book The Basic Art of Italian Cooking..

Ciao for now!!
Maria Liberati

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