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Sunday, February 3, 2008

Today's souvenir I am sendng to you,while here in Italy, is not a recipe but is a town-Sora.

It is one of my favorite towns to take an aftenroon 'passegiata'. It happens to be the birthplace of a talent synonymous with Italian cinema-when it was the real Italian cinema-Vittorio De Sica and also made famous by an award winning film with Sophia Loren- known in Italian as La Ciociaria- which in dialect means the women of Sora. (By the way when you are there you will notice how many coffee bars and establishments are called "La Ciociara"). I still love to just walk up and down the streets and enjoy the scenery where some of the film was made. At that time Sora was just mainly fields and not much around.

But today we enjoyed a stroll incenter of town and in the piazza where the children were throwing colorful paper confetti in their costume for Carnevale. A quick stop at the only coffee bar open in town for a shot of espresso to go with freshly made 'bugie' ( a fried pastry traditional for Carnevale).

Ciao for now..

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