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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Pietro Aretino, the Bold

Pietro Aretino was born on April 20, 1492 in Arezzo, Republic of Florence Italy. He was a poet, prose writer and dramatist who wrote in a bold inimitable style in 15th century Italy.

Aretino traveled to Perugia as a young man. He painted there for a time and then left for Rome in 1517. One of "The Aretine's" closest friends in Venice was the painter, Titian. Aretino sold many of Titian's paintings to Francis I, King of France. Titian painted a portrait of Aretino (c. 1545 that showed him wearing an elaborate gold chain. The gold chain was a gift to Aretino from Francis I.

Aretino wrote many satirical essays but he is best known for his Italian tragedy, Orazia published in 1546.

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