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Friday, May 9, 2008

The Sommelier: Jean-Luc Le Du

More complicated than the wine waiter, the sommelier (wine steward) is an educated wine professional who works in a fine restaurant. He or she specializes in all types of wine service.

Jean-Luc Le Du is the former sommelier at the restaurant Daniel. He is now the owner of Le Du's wines in New York City's West Village. Mr. Le Du has performed every aspect of the sommelier: sipped, swirled and spat. He has worked with some of the best wine on Earth!

Forever the total oenophile, Monsieur Le Du shrinks in horror when he sees a bottle being stored in an upright position or a bottle being stored at room temperature. Mr. Le Du believes that his shop is as close to perfect as possible. He's not giving up until it is.

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