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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Image,iD and Identity

Identity is important for any entity..a restaurant, a hotel any type of corporation. The hospitality industry creates its own identity by the look and feel of its' products or services..and that means you need to create a whole identity package. has created the possibility for corporations on any type of a budget to create their identity with their corporate apparel.

Hotels can easily create their brand and identity with hotel uniforms and on a budget. In the hospitality industry an air of profesionalism along with great service is important but just as important is the look of the uniforms of the employees.. what do they do to create and reinforce your identity?

In the restaurant industry of course the food you serve is one of the most important ingredients to establishing your success. But equally important is your identity and how do yoru employees appear and but how do you do that all within budget? now makes it possible to establish a corporate image on a small business budget. Keep yoru employees looking polished and professional all the while establishing your identity with restaurant uniforms by

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