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Friday, May 22, 2009

Summer's Here-Eat Healthy Tuscan style

Now that summer is officially here and fresh veggies are aplenty, here is a health yand delicious recipe, easy too. A great way to eat healthy and delicious, it also uses the Tuscan Picnic spice product I developed in Tuscany, it has been sold in limited markets in the US but has developed quite a following..will soon be in your local market.

Vegetable Ragu-Tuscan style

*6 medium eggplants
*1 red onion
*2 carrots
*3 potatoes
*4 ounces fresh string beans
*4 red ripe tomatoes
*1-2 tsps Tuscan Picnic
*4 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil

Clean and cut all vegetables into chunks, except for string beans. Clean and cut string beans in half.
Place olive oil in bottom of large soup pot with a clove of garlic. Heat for 1 minute, then place in vegetables and Tuscan picnic. Stir. Pour in 1 cup water. Cover. Cook mixture for 45 minutes, uncover every 10-15m inutes, stir and pour in more liquid if necessary. This can also be cooked in crock pot.
This can be served as a Vegetarian second course or as a side dish.

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