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Friday, September 4, 2009

Gastronomy + Astronaut=Gastronaut

copyright 2009, Maria Liberati

I have begun to use a term that "I think'decribes more perfectly what I am

(combine the words gastronomy + astronaut= gastronaut)
 Journeying to obscure towns and places,discovering flavors and guiding to find special foods and flavors that may have been easy to find in the past but now are rare and considered gourmet. Why settle for the everyday tastes at your big box supermarket when you can excite your tastebuds with real flavor..

My favorite tastes for this past week were discovered  in  the town of Offida in the province of Le Marche where they make an excellent, refreshing Pecorino wine  and  a town called Pescasseroli in the national park of Abruzzo where you can find the best Pecorino cheese because the sheep that produce the milk to make this cheese feed off the greens in the unadulterated park there...

More 'gastronautic' adventures to come..

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