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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

100 Dogs

This is an actual news story that broke in Canada regarding an outdoor aventures company that offers dog sled rides being accused of having up to 100 of their sled dogs killed to cut costs following a downturn in business.The owner of the Whistler company that allegedly had 100 sled dogs slaughtered to cut costs after the Olympics will speak for the first time following reports of the tragedy. Outdoor Adventures Joey Houssian has scheduled a number of media meetings Monday along with his lawyers, and had a “letter to the editor” published in this morning’s Vancouver Sun. Joey Houssian, in his first sit-down interview since news of the killings sparked headlines and outrage around the world, told The Globe and Mail that his company knew nothing about the scale of the slaughter, when the dogs were killed, or the manner in which they were killed until late last month.Houssian points to “discrepancies” in the WorkSafeBC reports filed by the employee who allegedly completed the “execution” of the dogs.Houssian adds he can’t say much about what happened as investigations into the case move forward.“While the facts and legal responsibility for them is being investigated, I take moral responsibility for everything that happens within my company,” Houssian wrote.

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