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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Anice Stellato

Everyday is remembered by a taste , a flavor, a recipe while here in Italy. These are my special souvenirs or 'ricordati'. Yesterday, my favorite flavor was 'anice stellato'-or star of anise. After leaving the office at 10:30 last night, we headed to our favorite coffee bar. Too hot for that usual cup of espresso before heading home- but a chilled espresso is perfect. This was not just any chilled espresso- it was more like a milkshake without the milk- 'a shakerato'.
Start with a cup of good hot espresso- just made. Place in a milkshake shaker, add in some ice cubes, sugar. Stir until ice is almost melted. Shake. Then place in a blender until creamy and frothy.
Pour into a martini glass, top with freshly grated star of anise (anice stellato).
What a refreshing way to end a day!!
Even though the freshly grated start of anise was just a pinch- it made the drink a special one. The flavor blends so wonderfully with espresso.

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Kelleyskitchen said...

oooh, anise sounds good!