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Monday, August 6, 2007


Reading Vanessa's blog, I realize I am incredibly lucky. I admit, looking at Maria's mountainous view of Italy, I felt there were other places in the world I would rather live - but I can't imagine that now, living as close to the ocean in Southern California as I do. Some people wait their entire lives to taste, smell, hear and touch the ocean, for me it just means a 20 minute drive, extra towels and bathing suits to wash, and packing deviled eggs, chicken salad, and diet coke in a cooler.
I am lucky.
When there is so much trouble in the world that I can't stand to watch the news anymore (I have that option), and I can sit on a beach watching my children play apparently free of danger, I am lucky.
When I look inside my full pantry and my biggest decision is whether to use canned organic or fresh tomatoes for my pasta sauce, I am lucky.
When my husband kisses me good-bye and tells me he loves me before leaving to do his job complete with benefits, steady paycheck and flexible scheduling, I am lucky.
When I walk out my door in the morning and my biggest concern is surviving a cycling class, I am lucky.
I'm not being boastful, I'm blogging my daily prayer. Writing down what I say to myself in the quiet (few and far between) moments of the day.
And in those quiet times, sometimes I feel guilty more than lucky - but how does that help? Rather, as I've learned in my 30s to do, I pass on my good fortune - donations, of course, but a smile at a stranger, a kind word to someone who needs it (even when they don't deserve it).
I'm talking about being part of a conscious, higher, positive energy. I have to work for it sometimes. Given the horrors that exist in our world, it is difficult to imagine beauty that survives the ages and withstands the constant influx of chaos. Sometimes, it's tempting to imagine a world as small as myself. When those thoughts creep into my head, I know exactly what I need to do.
Pack up for the beach - that beautiful place that has existed since the beginning of time, and hasn't changed.
And when I get there, once again I realize, I am so lucky.


Kelleyskitchen said...

don't know if I should brag but yes, I feel blessed myself growing up in southern California by the beach (I was born in San Diego) and now live in Hawaii where I can just look out my lanai and see the beach!
those are the bet locations to live close to-the beach and the
mountains! :)

Vanessa Kieffer said...

You are blessed with a wonderful life! As a recent college grad, I am hopeful and excited to see where my life takes me. In a world where most people only see the negative, you are among the few who focus on the good things and give thanks.
Blessings to you and yours..

Kelleyskitchen said...
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