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Thursday, August 2, 2007

Bring on the Beach

A few months ago my sister, mom, and I sat down and planned a trip to the beach. For most people this wouldn't be over-the-top exciting news, however for the three of us it most definitely was. When I was younger the beach was a place we retreated to almost every summer with my grandparents. For some reason, the summer family tradition came to an end, leaving the beach behind for my mother. Unbeknowst to her, it would be years before she would ever smell the ocean water, feel the hot sand between her toes, and gorge on seafood buffet's. My father is not a big fan of the ocean. No wait, he hates the ocean and everything that comes with it. I think there are probably a hundred places he would rather travel to. So being the submissive person that she is, my mom never made a big fuss over their summer trips. Though I think she enjoys visiting Elks County and the Gettysburg battlefield, she would much rather soak up the sun along side of the crashing waves. So you can imagine how excited she was to take a road trip with her daughters to spend a few days on the beach. She was like a kid at Christmas time! From spray on tans, new bathing suits, and practically a new wardrobe, she was ready to take this vacation head on. In the past few years, I have been to the beach quite a few times. I knew these couple of days with my mother and sister would be a much needed break from my hectic work schedule. But I didn't quite realize how much joy it would bring me to see her so happy. Her face lit up as we approached the ocean front and she carried that glow with her throughout the entire week. I was seeking relaxation and hopefully a tan but what I came away with was much greater. I caught a glimpse of my mother relaxed and peaceful. It was as if she was thinking, it's good to be back.

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