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Monday, January 7, 2008

New Year's Resolutions for Life

The New Year is here and it brings with it the flood of New Year's resolutions- usually to lose weight or change your eating habits in one way or the other. If you have broken your resolution already remember that the Mediterranean diet is a way of life and a no-diet diet. The Basic Art of Italian Cooking is based on eating the Mediterranean diet way-healthy and all natural and eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. For the easy way to eat the Mediterranean diet way, follow the Mediterranean food pyramid at
Resolutions should be for life not just for the first week of the New Year.
Here are 6 ways to help make healthy eating resolutions easy for the New Year and for life:
1-Forget ‘Fad’ Diets
Weight loss diets that are extremely restrictive or that totally eliminates a food group or over emphasizes a food group are not healthy, too extreme and are doomed to fail. They are not long term but just very short term solutions.
RESOLUTION-Eat a healthy, well balanced diet that emphasizes healthy, unprocessed foods. Be mindful of portion sizes- especially when eating out. Incorporate more movement into your every day daily life
2-Emphasize Variety
Eat a wide variety of all food groups. Not any one food has all the nutrients you need.
RESOLUTION-Pay attention to all food groups- grain products, meat & substitutes, nuts, legumes, vegetables, fruit and dairy products. Attempt to incorporate a healthy balance of all food groups in your daily diet.
Eating healthfully does not mean giving up or eliminating the foods we enjoy. It means allowing yourself to eat moderate amounts.
RESOLUTION-Aim to eat everything in moderation. Smaller portions of foods higher in calories.
4-Plan Long Term
A single meal or food is not what makes or breaks a healthy pattern of eating
RESOLUTION- Think of healthy eating as a lifelong habit not something you do for a month and then quit. When you eat healthy balanced meals most of the time, enjoying occasional indulgences is fine
5-Breakfast is #1
RESOLUTION-Eat a healthy balanced breakfast every day. It helps control weight, improves concentration for a busy day at work and school and it provides nutrients missing in your diet.
6-Slow & Steady
One small change at a time works best for lasting change.
RESOLUTION- When modifying how you eat do it slowly. You are making changes that should last for life not just for the month. Read also :

Ciao for now!!Maria
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