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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Prosecco and risotto..mmmmmm

I must admit that my kitchen has turned into more of a laboratory instead of a kitchen while I am testing out and working on new recipes for my upcoming books here at my working villa in Italy. I have been testing and finding great new twists to recipes that I have already put together.
Our neighbors couldn't be happier, since we can't possibly eat all of these dishes ourselves (although I would love to be able to). But it's great because not only do we get to share great foods with great friends ..I get to hear opinions and authentic comments and critiques of the dishes from some real food aficianados and chefs that are also acquaintances.
Today.I wanted to try again my seafood risotto that I posted in my last blog.. but a chef that we know and I just happened to run into this morning ..told me that nothing is better in a risotto than a dry prosecco wine instead of a dry white wine. Luckily we have a wine cellar and sure enough found a bottle of Prosecco that we never opened during the Holidays.
He was right, I think that I will only use dry Prosecco in my risotto dishes- it was undescribably delizioso..and then we had a glass of prosecco with it.
Sorry friends, famly and others we could not share this with you for pranzo. (lunch). We ate it all and enjoyed every last bite and gulp of Prosecco..

What a wonderful and relaxed lunch it was...great food, beautiful scenery (since our dining room window faces one of the snow capped mountains here in Abruzzo) to make for the perfect setting to eat this heavenly dish..

So remember if you get to try the seafood risotto recipe in my last blog, substitute a good dry Prosecco for the white wine and don't forget to serve the same Prosecco with the risotto.

Prosecco comes from the Piedmont region and so does another favorite of mine Brachetto D'Acqui-great with desserts and appetizers..

Ciao for now it is mezzanotte (midnight) here in the mountains of Abruzzo and I am finished for today..tomorrow will be a real neapolitan treat..a recipe that has it's origins from Naples. It is called
gatto- which comes from the French word 'gateau' which means cake.
But this is main course casserole made with mashed potatoes, provolone, mozzarella, parmigiano regginao, some bread crumbs, eggs, fresh parsley.. I have a feeling this won't be shared either..
I will be posting the recipe as soon as I get to try it out for lunch tomorrow...
Buona Notte..

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