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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Fragrant Rosemary in Your Garden.

Rosemary is one of, if not my favorite fragrant herb. Of all the plants I miss from my garden in Italy- it is my organic rosemary that I miss the most. It is the herb that adds most flavor to many of my dishes.
Tuscan roasted potatoes and bean soups cooked in terracotta pots with small branches from my rosemary plant are all flavorful memories of our kitchen there.

Here are some tips on growing your rosemary indoors here while the temperatures dip..
Once the fall is over and temperatures begin to dip to 30 degrees or less, it is time to bring your plant indoors.

Successfully growing rosemary indoors requires good sunlight-the more the better- and ideally southern expoure.
If the plant is large, rotate it weekly so all sides of the plant receive sunlight. Wiry growth often indicates inadequate light. And if you can't increase natural light, consider using artificial light. You can also prune plants to encourage bushiness. Sometimes indoor plants develop mildew because of a lack of air circulation. If this happens, run a small fan 3-4 hrs a day.
When rosemary is planted outdoors, insects aren't a problem. But inside spider mites are more likely to cause trouble. If this happens, wash plant with an all natural insecticide soap until plant is healthy. Rosemary grows best at cool indoor temperatures, around 60 degrees

Hope you have good luck with your rosemary plant!
Look through the recipes and find something to add your rosemary to and create flavorful memories

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