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Monday, January 16, 2012

Mix of Modernity and Tradition Here in Milan

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Hotel Milano Alpen Resort di Bratto della Presolana. A charming Holiday get away where you can partake in a supreme Christmas dinner and enjoy the sights of many a Nativity scene.

In the tradition of many an Italian Hotel and restaurant, this resort also is connected to a long family history. Opened in 1969, the motive of the Jannotta family was a return to the quiet and well being of the mountains and a valley to discover and inspire someone that wanted to get away for a total relax. The skies and atmosphere filled with fresh air, springs make this also a center for 'benesssere' or wellbeing located about 60 miles form the center of Milan. Modernity and tradition mix here in elegant and discrete harmony. One can also experience a return to nature and explore the more than 130 rare species of flowers that have been classified by botanists.
In 2009, an important restructuring that made this hotel even more 'green', the installation of solar panels which provides heat for 25% of the hotel and provides the heat for 100% of the hotels' hot water supply.
The resturant includs many local products on it's daily menu filled with surprises and interesting combinations of dishes. A large fireplace adds a welcome touch to a comfortable atmosphere to enjoy even after the meal is completed.
The kitchen is under the direction of chef Giovanni Magni, with collaboration of Giovanni Ferrari and master pastry chef Davide Rassella. The dishes created by the 3 masters are tasty with a touch of renewed creativity without forgetting their local tradtions.
This year the Hotel offered a special Christmas and Holiday Menu, here are some of the regal selections.
*Gnocchi with a Duck Ragu
*Locally grown lentils with 'Cotechino' ham
*Cornish Hen wit hchestnut stuffing
*A Semifreddo with torrone
*Fruit Fantasy
*Homemade Panettone
*Chocolate and Orange Marquise
You can find more info on the Ristorante “Il Cantinone” and the Hotel Milano Alpen Resort at

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