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Monday, January 5, 2009

A Recipe a Day..

While working in The Basic Art of Italian Cooking Kitchen here in Italy we are working on a new recipe a day.. Todays' recipe is inspired by tartufi (truffles) the mysterious 'fungus'. Tartufi (truffles) are abundant in many regions of Italy certain times of the year.
It has become almost a tradition to leave tartufi in my kitchen as a present ..and what a wonderful present. In Abruzzo here, many people have dogs that hunt for truffles and they leave an extra one or two for me so that I find them in The Basic Art of Italian Cooking Kitchen waiting to be used in a special recipe.

Today's special dish:
Risotto with Tartufi & Oysters..You can find it here (titled 'Tartufi, food of the Gods'):

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