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Monday, January 12, 2009

A Sunny Day in Umbria..

Doctors at this time of the year are usually telling people that suffer from some sort of seasonal depression to use the sun and lights as a form of therapy and I am sure they know well. But if I had a depression because of the absence of sunlight, my prescription would be to go to Umbria, Italy..
The sun and mild January weather are perfect to cure most anyone out of a depression.
My cooking program in Umbria this weekend was filled with non-stop cooking and touring ,however, we also got to enjoy a day of walking and relaxed sightseeing of the Umbrian hills ,a nature reserve, splendid views of the medieval towns nearby and I can't forget the Umbrian sun..not far from Tuscany so I can understand why a whole book could be written about that part of Italy..
When the sun is shining there it does more than just provide light. The sun illuminates a painting that is the living scenery that you are part of while there..the rollling hills ,the olive trees, the verdant green, the trees lined up so perfectly.
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