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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tastes of Venice & Carnevale

A short trip to Venezia (Venice, Italy) and one can't help but look in amazement at the beauty that surrounds...and then there is Carnevale.
Carnevale is the Venetian version of Mardi Gras. But what is so memorable about Carnevale are the masks and the costumes- so colorful and beautiful..the traditon of wearing the masks and costumes came from the idea that no on knew your true identity when you wore a mask and costume in the sense that everyone was treated equally because no on understood if you were rich or poor from nobility or not
The signs of Carnevale are everywhere this time of the year although most things like masks and costumes can be found any time of the is the most popular festivals of venice and if you can't be there this time of the year, you can at least take a souvenir of it anytime of the year.
After a trip there I am always inspired by some of the tradtional tastes I found, and needless to say this week's cooking in The Basic Art of Italian Cooking Kitchen here in Italy will be all about the traditional dishes of Venice.
From Baicoli to Rise e Bisi to Ciccheti
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Mangia Bene Vivi Bene

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