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Monday, June 8, 2009

Grilled Pizza..I think..

We welcome Eliza Chute as one of our guest editors this summer. Eliza will be posting on many topics this summer and is a fellow foodie ,hope you enjoy! You can contact her here at:
Editor: Eliza Chute
Cooking is hard. I love food, but I rarely find I have the time or energy to cook myself a great meal. And even if I do manage to find the time, I usually end up eating enough of the ingredients before I get the thing cooked that by the time it’s done, I’m full. So since I am no cooking expert, I tend to gravitate towards the grill. Sometimes I end up burning stuff due to my inability to pay attention, and sometimes I eat it undercooked due to my impatience, but sometimes, just sometimes I get it right. One thing I am trying to get a handle on with the help of my mother is grilling my own pizza. If you are feeling really ambitious you could make your own dough. You can make it in large quantities and then freeze it for months until you want to thaw it out and use it again.
When my parents and I decided to get together and make a pizza, I have to admit I was worried. My parents like to do things their way and more often than not it is the opposite way. But this seems to be a method that is too easy to argue over. Once the toppings were picked, it was pretty much smooth sailing. However, that decision is tough. Do you go classic with marinara and mozzarella? Or do you do something crazy like pear slices, olive oil and brie? But then again thank god for the classic pizza solution, half and half. And so, you just roll out the dough, throw it on the grill and add your toppings. If you’re like me, it will probably take you a few failed try to get the timing on the grill right, but if you have any sort of cooking talent, whatsoever, you will probably have better luck.

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