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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Rescue A Pet Today

Written: by Eliza Chute

It seems that lately pets have become the new accessory. It is no longer an uncommon sight to see a woman walk by you with a little Chihuahua head peeking out of her purse. The pet industry is thriving. You can buy everything from clothes for your pet to health insurance. If I want to ensure Whiskers my one year old hypothetical cat with routine coverage it would cost me about twenty dollars a month. If I want the works it would cost me 40. Rex, my non existent dog would run me 25 dollars a month for common problems and 47 per month if I want everything covered.
It’s not really a surprise that people want to take such good care of their pets. They are adorable and cuddly and provide unconditional love. They are personified and become almost like a member of the family. And everyone seems to want their dogs purebred. They are coming up with new breeds every day, including cockapoos (cocker spaniel poodle mix) and labradoodles (Labrador-poodle mix). Pure bred dogs these days can run up to well over a thousand dollars.
While some people are paying 600 dollars annually on pet insurance plans, others are abandoning their animals. There are many loving pets in need of homes all over the country. In January of 2009 the Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society (Paws) they saved 263 homeless animals, and that’s not including animal rescue’s statistics. Of those, they found homes for 186 animals, and foster homes for 71. So, instead of paying for an overpriced purebred, try heading down to the local pound and seeing if there are any furry friends to your liking. Though they may not be pure-bred, they are just a cuddley and just as loving and even more in need of someone to take care of them.

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