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Friday, July 6, 2007

The' Art of Eating Gelato' part 1

Summer's half gone and I have not had my gelato for the summer of 2007 yet. I am counting down the days to that first gelato of summer 2007- (I will be back at my office in Italy at the end of July).
You know we divide the seasons by how many gelati we have had. We always celebrate our first gelato of the year and mark it as a special time. And it is a memorable time savoring every drip of that wonderful creamy confection.

But you know, to really enjoy the perfect gelato you must learn 'the art of selecting gelato'

*Be sure to have gelato in places that make ' gelato artiginale'- this means they make it from scratch. There are many chains that are poping up all over Italy that buy the gelato pre-made and don't make their own in house production.
*Also take time to savor your gelati and learn to distinguish intense flavors and narrow down who makes the best gelato. All gelati are not created equal. And if you ara true gelato afficianado you will not eat gelato unless it is at its' best.
*So many gelato flavors to choose from
. Decide before you get to the gelateria what flavors you will get or at least think it out before you get there so that you will get the flavors that will make your own tastebuds dance! If you are a chocohalic-be sure you get at least one dip of a chooclate flavor in your cone. pair it with a complementary flavor-banana, torrone, (or for a really intense chocolate experience) another chocolate based flavor. The more thought that goes into what you put into your cone- the more chance you have of making this a tastefully intense experience.

My favorite flavors are : baci, gianduja, kinder, cioccolato, torrone

What are yours???

Stay tuned for my favorite pics for best gelato places in Italy..

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Kelleyskitchen said...

sounds good what about the bewt gelato places in America?
are there any? :)