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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

"Hello" To My New Little Friend

I spent a much needed evening in a rocking chair on my front porch last week. It was a beautiful summer evening and the sun had just retired for the day. Though I often retreat to "sitting on the porch" for relaxation, this was no typical evening for me. A new member of our family was joining me. Just a day prior, we were presented with a small (but mighty) baby kitten. I was rushing off to work (typical for me) when I saw a small grey and white stripped kitten pouncing up through our front lawn! Now mind you, most kittens who find themselves dropped off randomly are not very friendly or outgoing. This was not the case with my new little friend. I jumped out of my car and rushed to scoop her in my arms. She immediately started to purr and lick my face. She melted my heart right then and there. People say cats do not have personalities like dogs, but I disagree. We decided to name her "Herby." She will accompany our clan of Simon, Elmer, and Oscar (not typical cat names, huh?).

As I rocked back and forth, I was grateful for my new friend. She sat quietly on my lap as I stroked her little head. She seemed so peaceful and content as the summer evening wind caressed both of us into a state of total relaxation. I caught a moment of her peering up at me with her big blue eyes. It was as if she was saying "it's good to be home."

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