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Monday, July 23, 2007

Starbucks and Prague

I found myself daydreaming in a corner of Starbucks today. As I entered the store and purchased my usual (coffee light frap), I spotted a corner to occupy. I often retreat to Starbucks with my laptop to wrap up any necessary paperwork. I nestled in my little corner and set up my work station only to discover I didn't feel like working at all. Though I rarely find myself looking forward to this tedious, redundant task, today I was especially antsy. Just as I was beginning to tackle my work load, a group of older men took seats near me. People holding conversations within ear shot of me is never good. It's hard enough for me to focus as it is, and another conversation (interesting or not) can easily distract me from my work. I didn't take me long to discover that these men were sharing their travel stories among one other! Oh no, now my work was definitely hitting the back burner. I began to open browsers like my hotmail account and eBay as I listened to their conversation. One man talked about Germany while another contributed with comments about Italy. As they talked about these wonderful places, my itch for traveling came on strong. I remembered a past co-worker who moved to Prague about eight months ago. Him and I used to discuss our undying love for New York City. Prague quickly replaced NYC as his number one shortly after he moved. He told me that anyone who loves NY will find themselves infatuated with Prague. I told him I would come out and visit him this fall. As I recalled this exciting commitment, I began to type an email to him. Oh how I hope his invitation is still open! After my email was typed and sent, I started to open sites for Prague. Wow, he really isn't kidding. This city looks amazing. I even found myself looking at their job market (ok, getting a little ahead of myself). I was getting so wrapped up with my search that I wasn't paying any attention to the time. My phone rang and snapped me out of my daydream. It was my assistant calling regarding a work issue. It was time for me to make my way into work. As I packed my computer and sipped what remained of my drink, I was surprisingly ok with the fact that I had completed no paperwork. This means that I will have to finish everything on my days off, but I was ok with that. I hurried off to work still in somewhat of a daydream. If nothing else, the thought of visiting Prague sure made the day go by alot faster!


Kelleyskitchen said...
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Kelleyskitchen said...
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