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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Smooth(ie) Move

When I was younger, I was convinced I was adopted. I have light eyes, auburn hair, and have been 5’5 for the past three years. My family is tanned skinned with brown eyes and dark hair, and my mom, aunt and grandmother all stand at around 5’8. I told my mom about my suspicions on numerous occasions.
“Nonsense,” she’d reply. “Your aunt and cousin are allergic to strawberries, and I’m allergic to cranberries. You’re clearly not adopted.”
So, when I found out I wasn’t allergic anymore at the age of fifteen, my reverence for the small, heart-shaped fruit only increased. Not only was it the link that disproved my uncertainties, it was also, I discovered, pretty delicious.
I held a “strawberry party” where various guests brought over various strawberry concoctions, and my far the most memorable was the smoothie my friend made for me. So when my cousin recently found out that she, too, was no longer allergic( I still don’t understand this phenomenon) we had another strawberry filled party, where I made her the smoothie my friend had so kindly given up. It requires:
· A cup of unsweetened strawberries that should be chopped in quarters
· 1 cup of milk ( tastes richer with 2%, but skim works as well)
· 2 cups of frozen yogurt ( your choice in flavor, but I always stick with vanilla)
All of these ingredients should be blended together well until you have a thick concoction. If you want a thinner consistency, just add less yogurt. This smoothie is healthy, tastes great and takes only a couple of minutes to make.
As April to July is prime time for strawberry season, I would recommend trying this out if not for the sake of enjoyment, but for my aunt, who each year waits patiently to be told by the doctor that it’s her turn for a strawberry party. We wish her luck.

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