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Thursday, July 26, 2007

A Mutable Feast

Ideally, food in summertime is light. It is appropriate to dine on a salad and not cook food in a hot oven for hours.
Food in summertime is healthy. I can at least say for us Californians, we bare our midriffs in summer, we wear tank tops rather than long t-shirts under short sleeved shirts. This is an annual motivator to eat less.
Food in summertime is fresh. I think the culinary Gods declared summer an eternal holiday. With all of the fruits and vegetables in season, you can't help but get anti-oxidants, folate, vitamins, even if you are not trying. Salsa, ceviche, cioppino, watermelon chunks...see what I mean? This food is meant to be celebratory.
There are so many options for eating well in summer, it's the most mutable season. Outdoor activity beckons for grilling, classic recipes beg to be reinvented with artisanal oils and exotic touches - things only available June - September. You can do anything under the sun.
My favorite mutable feast, and idea of heaven, is this...
7:30 pm or so, on a cliff overlooking the Pacific, my beloved next to me, our kids cavorting (safely) nearby...
(2) non-breakable but stylish wine glasses, filled with a cherry-ish Pinot Noir or buttery Chardonnay for my husband and I.
Bottled waters for clean sustenance and rinsing sand off
Toasted slices of baguette slathered in a basil pesto
Caprese Salad
Smoked fish...albacore and salmon
Aged gouda cheese
Homegrown figs
Seedless purple grapes
Chilled chocolate custard of some sort wrapped carefully in plastic
...what more could anyone want?
World peace, maybe - what better place to start than with a meal?

~ Samantha

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