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Monday, July 9, 2007

To phone or not to phone? That is the question for wildly targeted parents of young children.

My eight-year old son has asked for an iPhone. Can you believe? My husband and I haven't even considered upgrading from our flip-phones, we're still trying to pay off the Disney Cruise. But my son has different plans than being age appropriate for talking mouses another year. He's a young man, apparently, and has enough "bro's" to fill up a buddy list. I can just see them sitting the bench during a little league game in the dugout texting each other...

"plz pas BZUKA b4 3d out" ...

I hate how I sound when I say this - "when I was their age" I don't recall being marketed to so emphatically, so, without forethought. The pie was smaller then. There were not as many pieces to have, and it couldn't be sent by e-mail or IM. Those were the days.

Last week, my one year old daughter, that's one year old daughter, screamed with delight as she recognized Elmo and Dora in Barnes & Noble and Target. Oh, not forgetting the Dora Spagehetti-O's at the corner grocery. "MOM!" The baby yelled. "MOMMA...DIS! Me! Dis!" She was successfully marketed to. She wanted "this".

I suppose I'm a hypocrite for writing on my laptop with the Dora potty in plain sight. I suppose I play along when I let them watch these media everywhere types so I can cook and write, or fold laundry. But, I have decided, I draw the line at iPhones, or any phones for that matter, for my 8 year old son. That's just me. Our circumstances don't necessitate, or even allow consideration of it.

I'm trying so hard to remain an idealist and logical consumer in today's world. Trying even harder to raise them. Besides, if I wait long enough, I'm sure idealism will be in style again.

What do you think about this - IDLZM ... a good screen name or better name for an energy drink? Nah, it probably wouldn't sell.

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Kelleyskitchen said...

"What do you think about this - IDLZM ... a good screen name or better name for an energy drink? Nah, it probably wouldn't sell."

he he cute post.
I just remember myself wanting a single Barbie doll, and that wasn't until I was 6 years old!!
Finally got one a year later, and then my brother demonlished that one a month later, lol
oh well