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Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Summer: Enjoy It While It Lasts

Something dawned on me today: summer is passing by too fast! Every year I await these three months as if my life depends on it. (in some cases it does :) Don't get me wrong, I adore the winter months, however snow and ice can get old real fast. And although the spring and fall seasons are enjoyable as well, they really don't hold a candle to summer time.

June through August contain a sense of freedom and relaxation for me. Perhaps I have not been out of college long enough to remove them from "my off months," none the less I eagerly await them every year. I have fond memories of family vacations to the beach. Sure my family has our own dysfunctional episodes comparable to "Everybody Loves Raymond" or "Little Miss Sunshine", but they are mine. These vacations never eliminated animosity, only removed it for the time being.

Another fond memory associated with summer is the drive-in movie theatre. Now, I am well aware that this is a "country thang" but it really is quite an enjoyable experience. For those of you who have never experienced the drive-ins, I strongly urge you to venture out and find one near you! I can recall carpooling with friends, laying out on blankets, having the car windows down so we could hear the movie dialogue on the radio, and enjoying two great movies for barely the price of one. Folks, it really is good fun!

Perhaps those of us who experience the four seasons anticipate summer time a little more. My mother brought up an interesting point the other day (amidst my moaning and groaning that summer is passing too fast), she said "hunny, you wouldn't enjoy summer the way you do now if you lived in a climate like this all year round." My mother is both smart and beautiful. However, in this case she is completely wrong!


Kelleyskitchen said...

she said "hunny, you wouldn't enjoy summer the way you do now if you lived in a climate like this all year round."

your mother is right!!
believe me, I live in a place where 'summer' IS all year round and I miss the nice cool, crisp winters so bad.
Who wouldn't want to relax by the fireplace with a nice cup of cocoa with marshmallows, mmmmmm
(there is not even a fireplace in sight around here, imagine!!)

Vanessa Kieffer said...

Perhaps another one of her theories is true: "You never know what you have until it's gone!"