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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Ode to Abby

I had the pleasure of spending the past two weekends with one of my favorite girls in the world. We met less then a year ago while doing promotional work in her hometown. Though I consider myself a very friendly person, rarely do I "click" so well with someone. Since last October, we have been in consistent contact through phone, email, or my infamous text messages.

My job took me back to the town where we first met and you can bet I was a happy girl! Traveling with any job can get redundant and I was in desperate need for something refreshing. Our time together was like a breath of fresh air. We laugh (you know the "I just split a rib" laugh, that's us) at nearly everything and on the contrary discuss topics concerning everything from boys, our futures, and accessories.

We are typical girls. We squeal if we see cute shoes and whine if we can't afford them. We like our jobs but are curious of the unknown. We can't accept a compliment without giving one back to the other. We love the beach, but mostly for the tan. (or in my case, freckle and burn) Being in her company removes me from the everyday stresses of life. Our time together is like little "mini" vacations that momentarily release me from being an employee, a manager, and a student. I am known only as "my friend Vanessa" when I am in her company.

It's funny how things are put into your life when it's least expected. I wasn't seeking to meet anyone new. Honestly, I was in it to make a few bucks . But what I ended up with in the end was much more then a paycheck. I came away with an amazing, life long friendship.

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