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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Palm Trees, Pina Coladas and Black Jack

Unwrap the rubber bands from my hands, throw me in boiling water and call me a lobster. It took me about a good ten minutes to sit down at my computer and write. It’s not because I don’t want to, or am too tired, it’s just that I spent the past week roasting in Puerto Rico and am feeling the consequences of a serious burn. Even though I’m gingerly walking around these days, the trip was completely worth it. I went with my family and stayed at the Gran Melia, an open resort with marble floors, beautiful fountains, and iguanas roaming around as if they were squirrels on my lawn. It was definitely a honey-mooners resort; couples were holding hands, wearing shirts that read “newly-weds” and sporting the most enamored looks upon their faces, despite the 60 dollar per person menu offered. The food itself was buffet style, and it boasted a salad bar that was actually worth its 10 dollar cost (on top of the main meal). Trips were offered to the coral reefs ( worth it- they were gorgeous), to the nearby rain forest, and even horse back riding along the beach was an option. The pool was humongous, and there was a private beach that almost nobody hung out around. I found myself a coconut tree, a chair and parked in front of the clear blue water throughout the day.
The bartenders, who normally served people who swam up to them at the pool, would deliver beverages right to your tree. The first night, my brother and I went to the “fun pub,”(more like the deserted pub) as everybody hung out at the casino next door. Men and women of all ages were on romantic getaways, and apparently gambling is a romantic sport. My eighteen year old brother, who had never played black jack in his life, won four thousand dollars in the time it took me to blink an eye. Half of his winnings would have covered our food bill for a 4-day trip. My brother returned home with money, and I returned home draped in Aloe Vera cream. Hopefully his winnings last longer than my sunburn.

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Kelleyskitchen said...

yes it is DEFINITELY the time to travel-sunburns or not lol